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Rainbow has cGMP and cFDA qualified joint production bases in the R&D of chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Located in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu and close to the Shanghai R&D Center, our production bases are able to provide the industrialized service from research to pilot amplification, and have a complete industrial chain and industrialized conversion capacity due to the close integration of R&D and production.

The production base has a production field covering an area of thousands of square meters and equipped with nearly 100 reactionkettles with varied specifications from 50L to 5,000L. Also it has nearly 100 high-quality workers and production managerial staff. Strictly abiding by the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System, the production base carries out its production in strict accordance with international standards and GMP operating procedures. Additionally, it was equipped with many advanced equipments like conventional high-pressure equipment, hydrogenation equipment, format reaction equipment, high-temperature reaction equipment, low-temperature reaction equipment and high-efficiency separating equipment; the company can carry out conventional reactions, high-pressure synthesis reactions, low-temperature reactions and catalytic reactions.