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Rainbow has successfully established GLP accordant R&D center. Our research facilities include five state-of-the-art laboratories, a multi-purpose kilo lab covers more than 300m2 area can ensure process synthesis, optimization and smooth commercial production, a special lab and a quality inspection center totally covering an area of nearly 1500 square meters.

  • Five R&D labs with different orientations


  • One special laboratory for high temperature/pressure reactions and hydrogenation


  • Multi-scale-up workshop equipped with 20L-100L reactors, 30-50L rotary evaporator and vacuum pump, and optimization of plant process could be carried out there as well.


Chemistry Expertise

Traditional Reactions: 

APIs Research and Development

Chiral Compounds Synthesis

Water and oxygen sensitive reactions

Low temperature (-78 ℃) to high temperature (250 ℃) reactions

Normal pressure to high pressure reactions

Asymmetric synthesis, etc.

Heterocyclic compounds synthesis

Key intermediates

Related impurity analysis

Building Blocks
Process Optimization