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Shanghai Rainbow Chemistry Co. Ltd, which was honored as the technical innovation enterprise, was founded in June 2008. The headquarters and R&D center are located in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai. Our business includes research, development, process optimization and production of APIs and key pharmaceutical intermediates. We also specialize in customer design and synthesis of fine chemicals from lab scale to commercial scale. As a customer focused company, we dedicate in serving the global pharmaceutical industry with seamless custom and efficient solutions.


Rainbow has been growing at an amazing rate during past years, and has successfully established GLP accordant R&D center. Our research facilities include five state-of-the-art laboratories, which are able to develop dozens of new chemicals at the meantime. Besides, a multi-purpose kilo lab covers more than 300m2 area can ensure process synthesis, optimization and smooth commercial production. We also have QC center, and modern warehouses. Additionally, we also have satellite plants in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Shandong province to ensure supply of raw materials and intermediates. GLP and GMP are strictly applied in all aspects of our labs and plants. 


To keep up with fast developing technologies, we have established long-term relationships with national laboratories and top universities including: Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Medicine, East China Institute of Technology, Fudan University, Lanzhou University, and Dalian University of Technology. The core part of our company consists of PhDs, masters, and experts with abundant experiences. Hundreds of pharmaceutical intermediates have been developed and a number of patents have been possessed since our founding. We were newly horned as the High technology Company in Shanghai in 2015, which proved our strength of R&D. Furthermore, Rainbow has implemented a Total Quality Management (TQM) to get the core competence management strategies, and has successfully passed the customer's audit, and became as the API starting material supplier of various clients from Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, and India. Our collaborations span the globe. 


Our work concept is “HSE” which stands for Healthy, Safe, and Environmental-concern. In Rainbow, we dedicate ourselves to fulfill the responsibilities as scientists, technicians, and managers. We are a part of the society and are trying our best to provide a safer working environment and green products to improve our society. 


Our business principal was “Honest, Professional, Steady, Creative” and we valued our people as the most important asset in the company. We appreciate the value of every employee and put them together in a team. Our idea is not just to build a platform for business, but also to benefit society. A friendly and healthy working environment including special bonus packages, a win-win strategy, and long-term development have gained our company a very good reputation among peers and competitors.


With what we have accomplished, we will never stop at where we are. Together with world-class scientists, cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and hard-working employees, we are on our way to be the best. We are rainbow, we fight through storms and we show the world a beautiful tomorrow.


We are rainbow. We are hope.